Le chanteur de reggae Chronixx selon Nicholas Huggins

Copyright : Nicholas Huggins

Nicholas Huggins est un graphiste et illustrateur originaire de l’île de Trinité-et-Tobago. Ses œuvres, pleines de caractère, sont partagées directement par l’artiste jamaïcain qu’il met à l’honneur, Chronixx. Le chanteur de reggae propose via son compte Instagram de découvrir une illustration de lui sous la forme de la carte du continent africain.

Chronixx a toujours eu un immense respect pour ses origines africaines. C’est donc touché qu’il partage l’œuvre de Nicholas Huggins accompagnée de ce message :

I’m not sure why I have never felt the GREAT NEED to seek out my « roots » and prove my « Africaness » to the world. As early as I can remember as a youth I always felt like an African (nobody had to tell me that) and the way I dress, the language I speak and the way I live never caused me to feel any less or more than African !

I observed a lot (secretly) and asked a lot of questions but that was life..for me that’s what living really is- learning. So all the reading and observation I did growing up didn’t feel like searching to me…it felt more like I was discovering things that I was literally created to know – acquiring knowledge I was meant to have.

One thing I learn in this life is that race is just our physical identity and we shouldn’t over spend our time trying to convince everybody that our physical appearance sets us higher than the remainder of humanity. because humanity is a greater force than any one race or group. Watch this now….Supremacy, racism and division has no end once you feed life to it in your everyday life – it can go on and on and on.

So first you are BLACK and you are greater than all other race then you are AFRICAN and there is no greater continent then you are NIGERIAN and now you are better than every other African then you are from the Ibo tribe and that sets you higher than all other Nigerians then…..you are better than your own brother. Africa is I and I. However it is my duty to love and care for the whole earth and all of humanity.

Au fil des années, l’illustrateur caribéen continue de proposer des représentations de Chronixx, un chanteur qu’il suit depuis des années maintenant.

Nicholas Huggins propose des illustrations de bien d’autres personnalités connues comme Oprah, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Nelson Mandela, Bob Marley, Childish Gambino mais aussi Bunji Garlin, Jean-Michel Basquiat, et bien d’autres encore.

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